The advantage of using steel roof truss is their high strength, low weight, variability as well as the  design and architecture. Steel roof trusses are used for their excellent properties for renovations and new buildings of residential houses, offices and multi-functional buildings, storey car parks, industrial buildings and various other buildings.

Trusses are the main roof beams that transfer reactions of the roof trusses or, by the non truss systems, directly load roof decks. Steel trusses are generally mounted directly on the poles or girders between the columns or on perimeter bearing walls of the buildings. Shape of the truss and its type is chosen depending on the configuration, span, roof pitch and requirements of the client.

The basic types of trusses represent pratt trusses and solid panel (frame) trusses.

Pratt trusses are made of rolled profiles L, U or circular and square cross-section profiles.

Solid panel (frame) trusses are made of rolled profiles type IPE, HEA, HEB, etc.. or made by welding metal sheets with automatic welding machine.

Types of trusses: 

  • pratt
  • solid panel /frame/

Use of trusses:    

  • roofing of brick buildings and constructions
  • roofing of the buildings made of reinforced concrete constructions
  • reconstruction of steel buildings


  • wide range of roof coverings
  • roofing of large spans
  • quick production and assembly
  • possibility of fire protection
  • large-scale and types of surface treatments
  • adaptability and suitability for use even in high snow zones
  • variability and the possibility of different designs of the trusses



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