Built-in and technological platforms



From the perspective of efficient use of space in buildings and for the purpose of creating a warehouse, office and service areas, different types of built-in platforms are used.

Technological platforms (constructions) are an essential part of supplying technological units that are used in various industries (chemical, metallurgical, mechanical engineering, food processing, etc.).

Built-in platform can be designed according to the required parameters /size, the required load, purpose, location, etc./ not only in the new building design, but also in already operational, older building, including including ancillary structures (access stairs, railings, etc.)

Horizontal elements and columns of built-in and technological platforms are usually designed and made up of steel cylindrical profiles type IPE, HEA, HEB as well as other profile materials. Steel floor gratings in FeZn version and trapezoidal metal sheets /which doubes as a hidden shuttering/ also in FeZn version combined with concrete grout are used as wear layer.




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